World-exclusive Amon Amarth 7-Inch, black vinyl – only available with METAL HAMMER Germany 05/19


Shipping-date is April 17th, 2019

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Collector’s item, as long as stock lasts: Amon Amarth vinyl-single with two songs from the upcoming album BERSERKER, previously physically unreleased.

Amon Amarth-fans and collectors, watch out:
The brand new Amon Amarth 7 inch vinyl is world-exclusively available only with METAL HAMMER. It hits the street with the magazine on April 17th and can be preordered now. METAL HAMMER subscribers will receive the 7 inch with their issue for free!

The mutual history of Amon Amarth and METAL HAMMER almost goes back to ancient viking times; bringing the band together with the notorious Jomsvikings, as well as the construction of the legendary warship are only some of the tales legends are made of. Now, we are extremely proud to unfold another chapter:

We present two brand new songs, previously unreleased on vinyl, even before the upcoming album of AMON AMARTH drops on May 3rd. The two tracks ‘Raven’s Flight’ and ‘Crack The Sky’, powerful heralds of BERSERKER are physically only availbale on this 7 inch vinyl with METAL HAMMER issue 05/19, available on April 17th!

This vinyl, is a true collector’s item, due it will not be available in regular record stores but only with METAL HAMMER. Get your copy now!

Amongst all METAL HAMMER subscribers, we randomly raffle white vinyls, limited worldwide to 666 copies. That means: each subscriber has the chance to receive a white vinyl instead of the regular with his METAL HAMMER 05/19 issue for free. In case, you want to obtain the chance to such a vinyl, you have to enter an annual subscription. Get your subscription here.

Note: the subscription is for 12 issues of METAL HAMMER, a magazine in German language.

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