World-exclusive Heaven Shall Burn CD Maximum Sacrifice, only available with METAL HAMMER Germany 04/20


Shipping-date is March 12th, 2020

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A Must-have for all Heaven Shall Burn fans: Only together with the next issue of METAL HAMMER you can get the exclusive Heaven Shall Burn album MAXIMUM SACRIFICE. Two songs can be found exclusively on this CD – plus brand new songs and exclusive alternative mixes from the soon to be released album OF TRUTH AND SACRIFICE and unheard live tracks from the unstoppable metal supremacy from Thuringia!


  1. PROTECTOR (exklusive, alternative Version)
  2. ÜBERMACHT (exklusive alternative Version, Vorab-Song vom neuen Album)
  3. THE SORROWS OF VICTORY (Vorab-Song vom neuen Album)
  4. EISENKOPF (exklusiver Song)
  5. ECOWAR 2020 (exklusiver Song)
  6. WEAKNESS LEAVING MY HEART (exklusiver alternativer Mix)
  7. THE WORLDS IN ME (exklusiv, live aus Berlin)
  8. LIKE GODS AMONG MORTALS (exklusiv, live aus Berlin)

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